Using Social Media as a Strategy to Get Hired

The world is inching towards a digital platform, and the social media handles are playing key roles in it. In the pursuit of finding a career opportunity, social media is paving a clearer path. As per the statistics published by “Business News Daily”, in 2018, around 70% of employers did prefer screening the candidates through their social media profiles to finalize their hiring decisions. This data gives insight into the requirement of social media presence for candidates looking for progressive career options online.

The perspective of Hiring Managers for Looking into Your Social Media Presence

While you are sitting in an interview, you need to answer a plethora of questions from the interviewer’s end. The main motive behind him/her asking you questions is to learn more about you. The candidate wishes to know more about the opportunity while the interviewer or employer wants to know whether the candidate would fit in the job role.

Therefore, apart from verbal interaction, they would like to gain information about you from your social media profiles. Your social media presence will give them an idea about your ethics, discipline, and quality of your work. Some of the social profiles, such as LinkedIn, will have records of your work progress and achievements. This creates a positive impact on the hiring managers to help them make a firm decision on hiring you for the role.

In accordance with that, you would be surprised to know that around 43% of the employers keep track of their current employees using social media. They usually keep a note of their new skill development aspects, their working methodology, and other such attributes. Most hiring managers look for something extraordinary beyond their resumes or CVs. So, having a social media presence is pretty important in today’s digital era.

Why Social Media Presence Matters?

LinkedIn and Facebook are the most viewed platforms by hiring managers or employers when they are planning to look deep into the candidate’s profile. Around 47% of the employers say that they would not prefer calling a candidate for an interview in person if they are not able to find him/her online.

Employers especially toggle through LinkedIn to check the candidates’ work history to make a perspective about their work ethics. If you do not have a social media presence, then probably you are not evolving with the growing market needs. This will hamper your candidature, and you might lose a chance.

Social Media presence cannot be built in a day. So, to cope up with the upcoming demands and the requirements of hiring managers, join a professional social media platform like LinkedIn or Facebook and build it accordingly to replicate your professional traits. If you do not like to be on social media, much then be only on LinkedIn to share and build a professional rapport.

Create Your Own Online Persona

Online Persona has an easy definition of being professionally active over social media platforms. For that, you can join some informative groups over Facebook to improve your knowledge about particular skills and technologies. Believe it or not, but the hiring managers do take a look at this factor as well. For all the job seekers, maintaining a social media page or profile has resulted in fruitful outcomes.

With relevant information replicating the qualifications and experiences of the candidate over social media platforms helps the interviewers hire you on priority. Hiring managers use this ideology to help simplify their hiring process.


So, the details and insights mentioned above are clear to instruct about the efficacy of social media presence to help you get hired. If you are a job seeker and have immense talent and skills to showcase, then put it up on your LinkedIn and Facebook profile. Maintain the social media presence over time, and it would eventually result in productive outcomes by increasing the probability of getting hired.

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